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Can You Really Take a Baby to Disney World?

Absolutely! I took my oldest to the Happiest Place on Earth when he was 6 months old! Now, so many people tell us we were crazy and that he wouldn't remember it. However, we don't regret it one bit! Those trips were amazing!

I thought I'd share some of the things that we've learned and bought through the years that helped make our trips with babies and toddlers to go smoother. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

First, the stroller!

The importance of a good stroller at Disney cannot be understated! My husband and I joke that we wish our stroller had a pedometer, so we could have counted the steps around the parks both our kiddos made in that thing! Your stroller will be your kiddos primary means of transportation, but it will also be where you store items while you are on rides. And if I'm being honest, I've used the stroller as a walker of sorts to keep me going on a 12 hour park day!

I cannot say enough good things about the City Mini line of strollers by Baby Jogger. I'm not the only one, either. When you are in the park, you will find a sea of these strollers, either from parents who've done their research (like you!) or who are renting from the numerous stroller rental companies in the area.

In order to help our stroller stand out, we ordered ours in the pretty bright green color and tied a bright orange ribbon around the handle. You may think this is overkill, but wait until you try to find your stroller in the parking lot by the carousel at Magic Kingdom! You'll thank me later!

Baby's first monorail ride! Don't worry the stroller breaks are locked.

The City Mini strollers are light weight, even I can fold them up one handed! Super easy to maneuver through crowded parks. The sun shades provide excellent coverage, and best of all, they can recline to nearly flat, so your little one doesn't have to miss nap time! There is some storage under the seat, but not an overly large amount. We will cover diaper gear next!

You really can't go wrong with any of the City Mini line of strollers.

Don't Leave Me Holding the {Diaper} Bag!

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